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23rd May 2016

Blogger review - a personal trainer puts our Impact Free sports bra through its paces!

No bouncing boobies for me!

Quality outshines. Especially when it comes to sports bras. I've been into training for over a decade now and have been through my fair share of sports bras. I'm not sure why some of them are called sports bras to be honest, they're definitely not fit for sports. I don't want my breaststroke to hurt when I go for a run or to feel self conscious about my bouncing beauties while I'm skipping in the gym!

When I tried the Royce bra for my workout, I was refreshed to find a nice look and a good quality bra.

Often when a bra supports well, I'm embarrassed to take my top off in front of my partner to uncover the monstrous supportive bra lurking underneath. With the Royce bra, there is quality in the name, the look, the fit and the effect.

I want to feel snug and secure with no movement around my bust but at the same time, to be able to feel and look good and for me, the Royce bra delivers that.

Now I've found a great quality brand, I will not go back. Thank you Royce, for providing that for me.


Founder of Dynamically Fit

Bringing Passion and Inspiration to your Health and Fitness


You can find the Impact Free Impact Free.

8th April 2016

Marathon countdown!


If you’re training for a Marathon, you’ll be looking forward (possibly with some trepidation!) to one of the most amazing experiences of your life. You may be preparing yourself to complete your longest run – ideally three to four weeks before the race, and you’ll be adjusting your nutrition and hydration, as well as making sure your kit is right for your needs.


You may have decided your sports bra isn’t quite up to the job – remember you need to support your breasts, whatever your bust measurement, and protect yourself from chafing during the entire run, as well as allowing for fluctuations in temperature and the need for moisture management.  A good sports bra will do all of this and more. In fact, you may well consider it your most important piece of kit.

The importance of a well-fitted Sports Bra

A sports bra doesn’t just keep your breasts in place.  It actually compresses them lightly and aims to spread the weight of the breasts while holding them close to your chest wall.  The aim here is to minimise bounce, because it’s bounce that stretches your Cooper’s ligaments – the thin bands of ligaments interwoven into the breast tissue and attached to the pectoral muscle behind the breast.


Cooper’s ligaments are not strong enough to provide much support for your breasts and, if you run or jog without proper support, they will eventually stretch, causing your breasts to droop (permanently) – as well as creating quite a lot of discomfort and potential posture problems.


The best sports bras should prevent vertical bounce, which means no scooped or plunge necklines (you need fabric across the top of your boobs in a sports bra!).  They should also prevent lateral (side to side) movement, so the cup shape is important, as is the bra’s ability to hold your breasts close to your body.


Wirefree sports bras are best because wires can dig in when you’re exercising, and can even break free of their casing during a workout – which isn’t something you want to have to deal with during the marathon.


Our Impact Free sports bra ticks all the boxes and goes right up to a K cup.  It is made from pure Pima cotton, so it’s beautifully breathable as well as naturally strong and supportive – with just the right amount of ‘give’.  With seam-free, structured cups that provide firm but gentle support to reduce lateral movement, it offers full coverage to minimise vertical bounce too. 


If you have a smaller bust you still need the right support, and our Impact Free Petite is ideal – in sizes 30 to 36 A to D, it has removable modesty pads and racer-back styling.


Do give your new sports bra a ‘run in’ when you receive it, and remember there will be a little natural stretch in the fabric once it has been washed for the first time.


Good luck with the rest of your training and, of course, on the big day! 


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