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24th March 2016

Training for the London Marathon? Banish the bounce!


If you’re in training for the London Marathon or maybe you’ve been spurred on by Marathon fever and have simply decided to pound the pavements as spring draws on – remember how vital it is to protect your assets. A well-fitting bra is essential for your comfort and it’s an investment in the future of your boobs too!


Your breasts are supported by fine ligaments, but – unlike muscles, which are designed to stretch and snap back into shape – ligaments don’t have much elasticity. This means that when you’re doing any activity that causes your breasts to bounce, you’re putting your natural support mechanism under strain.


High impact activity of any kind causes a lot of bounce, whether it’s running, horse-riding, workouts or team sports like netball, and your regular bra isn’t designed to provide the kind of protection you need. Nor is a sports top with built-in shelf bra. What you need is a specially designed sports bra that has one chief aim: to minimise bounce by holding your breasts close to your body and spreading the weight across the chest area.


What to look for in a sports bra

Sports bras should be wirefree because wires can dig in when you’re working up a sweat, and that can be very uncomfortable. They can also restrict blood flow, which isn’t good for your breasts. Naturally wirefree, our sports bras are specially designed to keep you cool, comfy and well supported – whatever your bust size. 


The new Impact Free goes right up to a K cup and is made from pure Pima cotton, so it’s beautifully breathable as well as naturally strong and supportive. With structured cups that provide firm but gentle support to reduce movement, it offers full coverage to minimise vertical bounce too.  Oh, and did we mention it also looks great?


Smaller busts need support as well, and the lovely Impact Free Petite is perfect – in sizes 30 to 36 A to D, it has removable modesty pads and racer-back styling.


Comfort and fit are everything, so do remember to give your new sports bra a ‘trial run’ before the big day – it will need ‘wearing in’, just like a pair of new trainers.  Wear it around the house and when you’re doing a light workout or training session to check that it gives you the support you need, before pounding the pavements.  And do expect a little bit of natural stretch in the fabric once it’s been washed for the first time.


With so much choice, it’s easy to find the perfect sports bra for your size, shape and activity level...Happy training!



Royce Lingerie is available from hundreds of retail stockists in the UK and worldwide, as well as online.

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17th March 2016

Modern mummy must-haves


Here at Royce, we love to share people’s personal experiences and what might happen to your breasts at each stage of your pregnancy. As well as pregnancy being an exciting time and experience, it can sometimes feel like your body no longer belongs to you with all the changes your may be experiencing.


We’re delighted to welcome our guest blogger, Jeri Dash from Oxford. Jeri is currently 21 weeks’ pregnant and a first-time mum. She has very kindly offered to blog about her experience of wearing Royce wirefree bras during her pregnancy.


My experience with Royce wirefree bras...

I had never even thought about trying wirefree bras until I became pregnant, but within my first few weeks of pregnancy I found wired bras almost unbearable so I began to look into other options.


I decided to give the Royce range a try as they offer such a broad collection of wirefree bras.   I was pleasantly surprised by two things – first, just how comfortable they are and, secondly, the support that they give. You can genuinely wear these bras all day without any discomfort.


I’ve been wearing the Pollyanna and the Lauren stripe over the last few months; I decided on these two simply because I like the way they look.  I’d shopped around for a while before I settled on these and, trust me, it’s hard to find stylish wirefree bras which don’t resemble dowdy sports bras. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’ve lost all sense of style!


I’m now nearly 21 weeks’ pregnant and it’s nearing the time that I’m going to have to look into another bra purchase.  It will definitely be from the Royce collection but the big question is… should I stick to what I know or try a new range?



Royce Lingerie is available from hundreds of retail stockists in the UK and worldwide, as well as online.

For further information, please contact us at or 01295 265557


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