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17th March 2016

Modern mummy must-haves


Here at Royce, we love to share people’s personal experiences and what might happen to your breasts at each stage of your pregnancy. As well as pregnancy being an exciting time and experience, it can sometimes feel like your body no longer belongs to you with all the changes your may be experiencing.


We’re delighted to welcome our guest blogger, Jeri Dash from Oxford. Jeri is currently 21 weeks’ pregnant and a first-time mum. She has very kindly offered to blog about her experience of wearing Royce wirefree bras during her pregnancy.


My experience with Royce wirefree bras...

I had never even thought about trying wirefree bras until I became pregnant, but within my first few weeks of pregnancy I found wired bras almost unbearable so I began to look into other options.


I decided to give the Royce range a try as they offer such a broad collection of wirefree bras.   I was pleasantly surprised by two things – first, just how comfortable they are and, secondly, the support that they give. You can genuinely wear these bras all day without any discomfort.


I’ve been wearing the Pollyanna and the Lauren stripe over the last few months; I decided on these two simply because I like the way they look.  I’d shopped around for a while before I settled on these and, trust me, it’s hard to find stylish wirefree bras which don’t resemble dowdy sports bras. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’ve lost all sense of style!


I’m now nearly 21 weeks’ pregnant and it’s nearing the time that I’m going to have to look into another bra purchase.  It will definitely be from the Royce collection but the big question is… should I stick to what I know or try a new range?



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28th May 2015

Royce Lingerie 'Support' Moonwalkers in More Ways than One


Carole Doyle, who works for Acutec – Our IT Support and Solutions provider, approached us looking for help kitting out her and two friends for the walkable overnight marathon. 


Carole, along with Lisa and Geraldine made up the ‘Teds on Tour’ Moonwalk team and the three ladies collectively raised an outstanding £3,000 for 'Walk the Walk' breast cancer charity.  


I want to thank Royce Lingerie for providing such wonderful, comfortable bras.  Having sat next to a poor girl who had not only not trained, but who also had cotton wool wedged under her bra because it rubbed so much, made me appreciate mine even more.  I put the bra on at 4pm on Saturday, walked all night, then took it off Sunday afternoon... and not even a slight hint of it being too tight or uncomfortable, so thank you [Royce] for all your support, in more ways than one.


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