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28th May 2015

Royce Lingerie 'Support' Moonwalkers in More Ways than One


Carole Doyle, who works for Acutec – Our IT Support and Solutions provider, approached us looking for help kitting out her and two friends for the walkable overnight marathon. 


Carole, along with Lisa and Geraldine made up the ‘Teds on Tour’ Moonwalk team and the three ladies collectively raised an outstanding £3,000 for 'Walk the Walk' breast cancer charity.  


I want to thank Royce Lingerie for providing such wonderful, comfortable bras.  Having sat next to a poor girl who had not only not trained, but who also had cotton wool wedged under her bra because it rubbed so much, made me appreciate mine even more.  I put the bra on at 4pm on Saturday, walked all night, then took it off Sunday afternoon... and not even a slight hint of it being too tight or uncomfortable, so thank you [Royce] for all your support, in more ways than one.


29th April 2015

Impact Free Sports Bra Takes the Trophy in Review for Bigger Boobs!

Our Impact Free Sports Bra Takes the Trophy in Review for Bigger Boobs!


I full-on, flat-out adore it. I want to marry it, and have its little bra babies, and bring them up to be just as wonderful as their mothership.


Did you see our outstanding review in The Daily Telegraph’s recent review of the best sports bras for bigger boobs?


With the London Marathon having taken place last weekend journalist Helen Coffey set out to find a sports bra that could finally ‘tame her beasts’ during high impact sports. After trialling five bras that claim to do the job Our ‘Impact Free’ sports bra came out well on top. Receiving full marks for ‘Reduction of jiggling’ and ‘Reduction of rubbing’ and an overall score of 9.3 the brand’s bestselling sports bra was a clear winner.


It was like my chest was encased in concrete (in a good way). I could have performed in a production of Twelfth Night and disguised myself as a boy in this thing. I could have participated in a skipping game, or a dance-off or, heck, A MARATHON.


We pride ourselves on providing wirefree solutions for larger busted ladies and with an exciting new addition due to enter their Sport range early 2016 more women than ever will be able run the marathon in comfort and style!


The Impact Free sports bra is available in black, white and grey marl and D-K cup. RRP £30.

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