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Fitting for teens

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8th June 2017

Fitting for teens

Most of us remember our first bra. Perhaps your memory goes back to the days when you had to rely on a lacy vest strap to convince your friends you’d got your first bra before they had. Or maybe your teen years were in recent, more enlightened times, when parents began to recognise the importance of providing the right support at this early stage of a girl’s development.

Whether you call them training bras, teen bras, first bras or junior bras, they are important both for the psychological milestone they represent and for the comfort and support they provide while a girl’s body grows and develops through puberty. 

Many lingerie manufacturers offer bras for teenage girls, and most recognise the importance of ensuring that they are wirefree. There’s plenty of time for lacy, push-up bras once your daughter is older – for now, she needs a softly supportive bra that will expand gently with her body as it grows, without any wires digging in or restricting the growth of her breast tissue. 


Non wired first bras from Royce Lingerie

When to buy?

All girls are different shapes and sizes and they all grow at different rates but, as a guide, many will need to get their first bra at about 10 to 12 years of age.

A first bra may be less about support and more about modesty and creating a nice shape under her clothes. There may also be a certain amount of peer pressure involved! But at least you know that you’re doing the best thing for your daughter by buying her a bra that will fit her properly and support her as her bust develops.

No more tears!

Sometimes it can be a bit of a battle to agree with your daughter on a style of bra that you believe is comfortable and supportive enough and that she feels is ticking the fashion boxes! 

Our Teen bras were created specifically to help avoid any tears – they’re pretty but they’re practical too. Each style comes in a two-pack, with one plain coloured bra in each pack that’s perfect for wearing under a sports kit or school uniform. 

My First Bra is a simple, light style that allows young girls to get used to wearing a bra. Once she’s ready to move on, styles such as Stardust have fine foam cups for support and modesty. New Black & Blush is a great choice for growing girls, too – with its moulded cups designed to ensure a smooth shape under fitted tops, it’s just like mum’s t-shirt bra!

Fit first

Your daughter might be a bit daunted by the idea of a bra fitting, and that’s quite understandable. Help to demystify it by explaining what to expect.  Let her know that she won’t have to completely undress in front of anyone and that she can keep a t-shirt or crop top on if she feels more comfortable doing so when measured. It’s so important to make her feel at ease and for her first bra fitting experience to be a good one. This will give her a great start and help ensure that she always wears the right size bra later in life too.

All Royce Approved Fitters have attended our fitting courses and are specifically trained to fit Royce wirefree bras. They are also experienced in helping customers feel completely at ease with the fitting process and confident that they’ve chosen the right style. You can find your nearest one here.