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Time to Declutter Your Lingerie Drawer

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2nd January 2018

Time to Declutter Your Lingerie Drawer

The New Year is the perfect time to have a good old sort out at home. From outdated clothes, to worn out homeware and general clutter – it’s good for the mind and body to keep clutter at bay.



Have you tried the KonMari method? It’s expert organiser Marie Kondo’s decluttering technique. She advises us to only keep the things that spark joy. The theory is that we’ll be happier when our possessions are organised, with less clutter weighing us down.


January is a great time to reassess our wardrobe and donate or discard things that no longer fit, or are worn out. Your lingerie drawer is the perfect place to start, as over time, bras start to lose their elasticity, or no longer fit as our shape changes.


Are you ready to #DeclutterYourDrawers?


So, if you’re guilty of hoarding those ‘special occasion’ bras that are pretty, but oh-so-uncomfortable – and never actually wear them, just get rid of them!


Maybe you have more bras than you know what to do with. It can be very frustrating to open your lingerie drawer, only to find a jumble of straps crammed together, and having to untangle them all before you can find the right one.


Or maybe you have old, baggy bras, with holes in them? Or ones that have gone grey, losing their former brightness? It’s time to have a sort out, KonMari style!


How to sort your bras


Tip all your bras on your bed or the floor, pick each one up, and decide if it sparks joy. If not, discard it. If it does, try it on to check it hasn’t lost its shape, and make sure it still fits using our easy-to-follow guide here.


If it doesn’t fit, discard it. Breast cancer charity Against Breast Cancer have bra donation points called ‘bra banks’, where old bras are collected to be recycled, and raise money for research. You can search for your nearest bra bank here.


Because you may have thrown away some old favourites, you may find a gap in your bra wardrobe, so use this checklist to make sure you have all occasions covered:

  1. Every day bra that’s invisible under clothes
  2. Weekend comfort
  3. Sports bra
  4. Evening glamour
  5. Special occasion 

You deserve the best lingerie and it’s important to look after your assets, so treat yourself to a new bra if you need to.

Marie Kondo suggests we say “thank you” to things we no longer want and donate or recycle them. Now you may not want to actually speak to an inanimate object, we’ll leave that to you to decide. 

How to store your bras

Give yourself a break from the tangled strap stress, and store your bras the right way, once you’ve discarded the ones that don’t spark joy.

By nesting padded cups together, you’ll free up loads of space, and be able to find the right one straight away. It also ensures they keep their shape. For all other wirefree bras, just fold them or lay them flat.

Why not share your before and after pictures online, tag us @roycelingerie on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #DeclutterYourDrawers so we can see all your good work.