fitting advice for a First Bra

Bras for young girls and teens

A good fitting, comfortable and supportive bra is very important at all times in a woman’s life. But when a girl is growing and developing, it’s more important than ever to get fitted regularly for a bra, as her size will be changing constantly and very quickly.

Although lots of high-street stores sell underwired bras in sizes aimed at young girls, it’s best to choose wirefree bras, such as the Missy range. There will be plenty of time for underwires later on in life, when she’s fully-grown!

A wirefree bra will fit properly for longer than an underwired bra, without any wires digging in and bruising delicate skin and tissue and will give all the comfort and support needed for growing up.

Whether she needs a bra already, or just wants one because all her friends have got one, the non-wired Missy range is perfect for youngsters!

When should I buy my daugher her first bra?

  • It really depends on how quickly she develops (physically and emotionally!) Wearing a bra is all part of growing up, so if her friends all start to wear one she might want to as well. If she's developing early then she might need to get one sooner than her friends. As a guide, many girls look to get their first bra at the age of around 12 but they can be as young as 9.

    A first bra may be less about support and more about modesty and creating a nice shape under her clothes but most important of all, it needs to be comfortable and fit properly.

My daughter is not keen on being fitted, how can I reassure her?

Explaining what to expect will help to reassure her that it's nothing to worry about. Let her know that she won't have to completely undress in front of anyone and that she can keep a t-shirt or crop top on if she feels more comfortable when being measured. It's so important to make her feel at ease and for her first bra fitting experience to be a good one, this will then put her in good stead later in life to make sure she's always wearing the right size bra.