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“ of the few bras I have ever owned that I can truly say I can forget I am wearing” more


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Impact Free

Why Wirefree?

Wirefree bras, non-wired bras, wireless bras, soft cup bras… whatever you call them, if you want comfort and support while exercising this is the best choice for you.

Anyone who exercises regularly will be familiar with all the latest, technical fitness kit. But did you know that, for women, the most important piece of kit is a well-fitting, supportive sports bra?

Our range of Impact Free sports bras is perfect for all types of sport and as well as providing maximum support when you need it most, it will also keep you comfortable so you can enjoy whatever activity it is you're doing. Choosing a wirefree sports bra will also ensure there are no wires to rub or dig in whilst you (and your breasts) are bouncing around.

impact free is the only british sports bra which is available upto a k cup

covered back

Its covered back fastening means it can be worn as a sports top

extra strong straps

Padded for your comfort and designed to firmly hold the bra in place while you exercise

High Neckline

Featuring a higher neckline to allow it to be worn as a sports top.

structured support

Specially designed to significantly reduce bounce and give extra support during exercise.

Available up to a K cup

wide underband

Specially designed to significantly reduce bounce and give extra support during exercise.


Its high cotton content means it is breathable and delicate on the skin

did you know?

Your breasts don't contain any muscle?

It's true, your breasts don't have any muscle in them. If they are not well supported by a well-fitting bra the fine ligaments in them can be stretched and irreparably damaged leading to sagging breasts.

Around 50% of women report breast pain during exercise?

For many women this is enough to stop them exercising completely. If only they knew that wearing a supportive, well-fitting sports bra could fix this problem ina matter of seconds.

Breasts can bounce up to 21cm during exercise?

And we're not just talking up and down but also side to side and in and out. Our Impact Free sports bras are fully covering to provide support from all angles and keep your breasts moving as little as possible when you're moving as much as possible.

Sport News Feed

23 May 2016

Blogger review - a personal trainer puts our Impact Free sports bra through its paces!

We're so thrilled with the Impact Free sports bra that we wanted to know what a personal trainer thought about it. So we asked Hayley who spends most of her working life in workout gear, to try an Impact Free and give us her honest opinion. Here's what she had to say:

08 Apr 2016

Marathon countdown!

Marathon countdown!