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Melanie Sawyer, via Lincoln bra Lady

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Perfect for Pregnancy

Finding the perfect non-wired bra to support you though your entire maternity journey

Why choose wirefree bras during pregnancy?

Most health professionals recommend wearing non-wired bras for pregnancy. As well as being more comfortable, wearing soft cup bras during pregnancy will also avoid any potential damage to breast tissues, blocked milk ducts and even infections that may be caused by a poorly fitting wired bra.

Which bras are suitable for me?

You don’t need to choose a bra that is specifically labelled as a ‘maternity bra’ – any non-wired, comfortable bra will be perfect for pregnancy, so you've come to the right place!

Every bra in our Everyday Comfort range is completely wirefree, making them ideal to wear as pregnancy bras. Take a look at our Everyday Comfort page to view our collection of everyday non-wired bras which are perfect to take you from bump to birth – and choose from our collection of non-wired Nursing bras once your baby is here.