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How the body changes

Throughout pregnancy and during the early days of breastfeeding, your body will change more rapidly than at any other time of your life. That’s why we recommend that you take care of your breasts by treating them to our totally wirefree, great-fitting and truly fabulous maternity and nursing bras. Here, we explain what might happen to your breasts at each stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

You’re pregnant!

At Royce, we understand that, although this is an exciting time for you, it can sometimes feel like your body no longer belongs to you.

Very early pregnancy

Sore, tingling, tender breasts can be one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. You might notice this as early as four weeks into your pregnancy and it may continue throughout the first trimester. Rosie Royce, our pregnant Royce girl, is wearing a 32D at this stage.

3 months pregnant

Your breasts and rib cage have probably expanded slightly. Your breasts may feel firmer and fuller and you may notice the veins looking more pronounced and closer to the surface.

Rosie Royce has realised her 32D is feeling a bit snug, and has visited her local Royce stockist to be fitted for a wirefree maternity bra. She is now wearing a 34DD on the tightest fitting and has some room for growth.

6 months pregnant

Your breasts (and bump!) may be noticeably bigger at this stage. You may notice some ‘growing pains’, and your nipples and areola may look bigger and darker.

Rosie Royce is now filling out her 34DD nicely, and has moved onto the loosest eye fitting. It’s time to go for another bra fitting!

9 months pregnant

You’re just about ready to give birth! Your breasts and ribs probably feel like they are at bursting point, and you may be leaking colostrum (a type of milk your body makes to feed your baby in the early days).

Rosie Royce has returned to her local stockist 3 weeks before her due date to be fitted for her nursing bra. She is now wearing a 34E and, knowing her breasts will be significantly bigger after birth, she has also bought a nursing bra in a 34F. She is wearing a bra during the night for extra comfort and support.

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